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Mounting height is simply the distance of the outward extension of the front part of the speaker from the mounting plane. Many of the coaxial car speakers have their tweeters sticking out of the front plane.

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It means you will need to make sure that the tweeter does not hit the grille frequently by masking use of a spacer. Several methods can be used in determining the size of your speakers. Figuring out the size of your speaker will help you to know whether the speaker that you are going to purchase will fit your vehicle or not. All car drivers that love listening to quality sound must, therefore, be aware of these methods that are useful in figuring out the size of speakers.

Some of them are discussed below. This can be achieved by checking the speaker slots and reading the marker on them. Take note that this method comes with a limitation. This means this method may not be useful for some specific models of car.

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Some online databases contain good information on every car model and the speaker sizes. All you will be required to provide or do is to input your car model, and you will have your speaker size that will fit perfectly. The searcher should be able to give you a list of speakers that will fit your vehicle. What you want will determine the particular speaker model you opt for. These online tools help you to determine which speakers will fit your car by analyzing the features and model specification of the car. After that process, it will also help you test for balance, clarity, and other features associated with the model.

Car toys fit guide and online car stereo are some of the best online tools you can use. Another easy way to determine the size of your car speaker is by using the car manual. Just under the audio system action, you will find the provided information about the car speakers. This information will contain the accurate and absolute measurement of the speaker sizes that come with the car. The car manual will sure come much in handy when you are interested in upgrading your speakers to the size that is just like the factory speakers.

The car manual should also provide a guide for you in knowing whether your system is expandable and in other sites that they can be tried out. Perhaps you cannot place your head on the whereabouts of your car manual. You can still check it up online. Visit the manufacturer website, and there, you should find an option to download it or read it online. The last method to be discussed here is how you can figure out the size of your car speaker using the trial and error method. This method involves randomly trying out several sizes to fit into the mounting hole until you have found the speaker size that works well for your car.

Also, the method is a tiresome one, but you could think of it as a chance to learn more about the different sizes of car speakers. Ensure to check the quality of the woofer before the speakers. Check for a woofer that has stiff and lightweight materials to get a good-sounding bass. To give a more accurate bass response, manufacturers usually opt for polypropylene with other materials. Sensitivity refers to how much sound speakers are able to yield.

Every speaker requires power on which the sound that is being delivered will depend. Factory-installed stereos usually come with low power of about 15 watts RMS per channel or less. For this kind of stereo, it is advisable to get speakers with high sensitivity- say over 90dB. And if the vehicle comes with a high powered stereo system 16 watts RMS or more , get speakers with low sensitivity.

The total amount of power which can be handled by a speaker continuously is indicated by the RMS rating. For a low-powered system, it is not necessary to get speakers with a high power-handling rating. Likewise, for a high-powered system, the power-handling rating should be close to the output of the power source. It is suggested and advisable to get the speakers that have their RMS matching the power source to get the best experience with speakers.

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What speakers fit my car? The best answer to this basic question depends on the model of your vehicle, but at least you now know how to figure out the perfect speaker sizes for your car. There are several ways you can figure out the size of your speaker, as has already been stated in this article. With all the information provided in this article, we hope you get the best fit of speakers for your car. Your email address will not be published.

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