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Similarly they will not accept books sent from friends and family of the prisoner.

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You have got to ship books direct originating from a major national bookstore like Amazon. We strongly recommend that you restrict your shopping for books to Amazon and more importantly that you only view books available for sale by Amazon themselves other 3rd party merchants can also sell on Amazon.

Other online bookstores as well as many 3rd party sellers on Amazon. Books must be shipped direct from Amazon to the Prison. Prisons will only accept new books in brand new condition.

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There must be a delivery note attached to the package that clearly lists all the books included showing them as new books and listing their individual prices. Any parcels delivered by way of a courier facility like UPS or Fedex will most likely be rejected because they need to have a signature during delivery and no corrections officer will sign for any delivery on behalf of an inmate.

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O Box if it has one. Not many jails accept hardcover books so unless you have a written confirmation direct from prison authorities at Noble Correctional Institution or someone has confirmed in the comments section below that hardcover books are received for all inmates at this prison it is safest to always ship softcover books or magazines..

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Make sure you avoid staples, cardboard, spiral binding as along with other items like bookmarks, etc. Ohio Correctional authorities will typically reject any books with any form of nudity or any type of violent themes. Whether you are sending fiction or non fiction steer clear of any books with the following It is recommended to seek advice from the Noble Correctional Institution mail room before sending a large quantity of books but as the general rule for shipping books to inmates is 1 parcel per month containing a maximum of 10 books.

If the prisoner receives over their limit any additional book shipments may very well be rejected. Remember to check if their are comments below to see if anyone has found how the rules for Noble Correctional Institution are any different. Although most jails allow you to setup a magazine subscription for delivery to a prisoner it is wise to check first with the Noble Correctional Institution mail room.

Whilst they will accept books some jails and prison units cannot receive magazines on behalf of an inmate. With some prisons you will need to hire a lawyer to represent the groom in order to get your marriage license.

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They will make sure the information submitted on the license application is correct, just as if you were both at Probate Court. I, or the prison does not supply the license If you are marrying in another facility, mail or email the clergy questionnaire or other pertinent information to me so that I can provide the prison with all the necessary information for my approval.

As with any institution there may be unforeseen delays so be patient.

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We will get you married! Please have dates in mind in case your initial date is unavailable. The balance is due in cash before the ceremony.

Retainer may be paid via PayPal or Money Order. You do not have to have an account to pay via PayPal.